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Powering up workshop series: On-Line Dating
By Student Development & Counselling

Powering up workshop series: skills for the online reality PART 3. This is a four part series


Studying and connecting on-line are not the same as in person. Attend one or all of the workshops in the Powering Up Workshop series to not only survive, but to thrive on-line.


Part 1. Motivation with On-line Learning: Jan. 26th at 5 pm - see calendar


Part 2. On-Line Communication Skills: Feb. 2 at 5 pm - see calendar


Part 3 . On-Line Dating: Feb. 9th at 5 pm

Some students describe online dating as scary, daunting, or intimidating while others say it is easy and a lot of fun. Regardless of where you fall on this continuum, join this workshop and consider ways to expand how you connect to yourself and others. You’ll learn to identify your values and the types of relationships you’d like to foster by exploring communication styles, healthy versus unhealthy boundaries, and navigating rejection.


Part 4. On-Line Wellness Tools Feb. 10th at 8 am - see calendar


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