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Diamond Bessie Murder Trial - Play

“Diamond Bessie” Murder Trial – Play

The Diamond Bessie Murder Trial is a unique adaptation of the last stages of a nationally famous trial which actually took place in Jefferson, Texas. This trial of Abe Rothschild for the murder of the beautiful Diamond Bessie stirred the passions of people across the nation. The case itself set a number of legal precedents which are followed in Texas to this day.

The trial began in the early part of 1877 and continued through three trials extending over a period of seven years. During all these long proceedings, Abe Rothchild was held in jail without bond. This play covers the last hours of the case, and the end of the dramatic proceedings.

The Diamond Bessie Murder Trial is sponsored by the Jessie Allen Wise Garden Club of Jefferson, Texas, assisted by the Jefferson Lions Club. After more than half a century of production, this play has become a tradition in itself.

Tickets call: (available Feb. 1,2023) 903-665-0737 

Location: Jefferson Playhouse at the corner of Market & Henderson St., Jefferson TX

Thurs & Fri - 7:30pm
Sat - 5:30pm & 8:30pm
Sun - 2:00pm

May 04 - May 07
7:30pm - 2:00pm