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TITAN Talks: TITAN Talk: Breaking Bad & the Science of Cancer

Dr. Karen Resendes, associate professor of biology and co-director of the Drinko Center, will discuss the science of cancer treatment. Cancer is the general name for a group of over 100 diseases caused by the uncontrolled division of body cells. The root cause of disease progression can vary widely, even within the same cancer type. This talk will overview the similarities and differences that occur in the development of tumors. In addition, the range of treatment methods that may employed in combating the various iterations of the disease will be introduced, with an emphasis on the basic scientific research performed at Westminster that may one day impact future treatment plans.

Dr. James Rhoads, professor of political science, will explore the hit American drama, Breaking Bad. Please check back for more information!

February 27
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Berlin Student Lounge Westminster College
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania United States