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Thriller Evening with Kate Webb and Jon Stock
By Hungerford Bookshop

A fascinating conversation on the thriller genre between two popular authors made all the more interesting due to the local setting in both Kate Webb's Stay Buried and JS Monroe's The Man on Hackpen Hill. Both novels are set in Wiltshire.

STAY BURIED - A twisty and atmospheric crime novel from a brilliant new voice in the genre. It will keep you guessing until the end.

Detective Inspector Matt Lockyer has been side-lined to working cold cases, following a bad decision he made in a recent investigation in order to support a friend. Lockyer isn't too bothered though, as it gives him the chance to review some of the cases that keep him up at night and to look into his own brother's senseless killing which still remains unsolved.

On a quiet afternoon Lockyer receives a phone call from prisoner Hedy Lambert - a woman he put inside for murder fourteen years ago. She informs him that the man she was originally accused of killing has turned up alive and well. She begs him to reopen her case. All those years ago, Lockyer had been the one to pin down Hedy's motive, but deep down he'd never wanted to believe she was guilty. The thought that he might have sent an innocent woman down for life doesn't sit well with him and he agrees to reopen the investigation. But has it become too personal and is he being manipulated? Perhaps there are some cases that should just stay buried.

T HE MAN ON HACKPEN HILL - Aspiring journalist Bella is on work experience at a national newspaper when, out of the blue, she receives an anonymous letter promising her a big scoop if she travels down to Wiltshire. All she finds is a government scientist spouting conspiracy theories in the pub.

But then Bella's best friend Erin is found dead in a nearby field, her body staged in the centre of a crop circle. Bella is devastated. Is this the real reason she was lured out here? While detective Silas Hart searches for evidence, Bella scours her own memory for clues.

But it's full of blanks - the details of her university days with Erin keep slipping away. What secrets was Erin hiding? And, once they're uncovered, what will it mean for Bella?

Join us at the Hungerford Bookshop on Thursday the 26th of January at 7pm. Tickets are £6 and include money off the book on the night and a glass of wine.

26 January, 2023
Hungerford Bookshop
24a High Street
Hungerford, West Berkshire UK
£6 (includes glass of wine)