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PITCH & CONNECT beyond borders - Powered by T-UNITE
By T-UNITE (Tokyo United Network for Innovation with Technology and Entrepreneurs)

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Language / 言語:English/ 英語 ※日本語同時通訳あり 

Venue / 会場

Live streaming / ライブストリーミング

  • あり(登壇者一部現地) | Live steaming from CIC Tokyo *** The startups from the oversea will participate online

Description / セッション概要

No matter where you are from, entrepreneurs' aspirations must go beyond borders.  In this session, 9-startups representing three countries, Canada, Israel & Japan, will pitch their businesses to  experienced professionals/ investors (from the three countries). Wanna get exposed to the power of those global minded startups? Want to help them on their journey?  Please join us!
Organizer | 主催: T-UNITE (Tokyo United Network for Innovation with Technology and Entrepreneurs)
Co-organizer | 共催:Venture Café Tokyo / CIC Tokyo / WASEDA-EDGE Program / Global Consolidated Research Institute for Science Wisdom, Waseda University, and others 
Cooperation | 協力: Corundum Innovation Co. Ltd / Landing Pad Tokyo and others
Nominal Support | 後援:Embassy of Canada, Embasy of Israel
Presenters | 登壇者


  • Toru Asahi | Professor, Waseda University

<Flash Talk>


  • bitBiome | Japan (Waseda Uni.)
    Industry: Microbiome (Single-cell genome analysis technology)
  • Serenno Medical | Israel
    Industry: Medical device
  • Cynarios | Israel
    Industry: Digital Security (Ciyber security training with AI)
  • EAGLYS | Japan (Waseda Uni.)
    Digital Security (Advanced encryption technology)
  • Cellid | Japan (Waseda Uni.)
    Indutry: AR (Waveguide-architecture display module for AR glasses)
  • OVA | Canada
    Industry: AI/ XR
  • SpoLive Interactive | Japan (Tokyo University of Science)
    Sports Tech 
  • FinPhil | Israel
    Industry: Wealth management
  • NetWila | Canada
    Industry: Supplychain management

Commentators | コメンテーター:


  • Hiroya Igarashi | Professor, Tsukuba University 

■ How to participate | 参加方法:

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■Venture Café Tokyo及びThursday Gatheringについて / About Venture Café Tokyo and Thursday Gathering

Venture Café Tokyoは”Connecting innovators to make things happen”をミッションに掲げ、各種プログラミング・イベントを通じてベンチャー企業・起業家・投資家を繋げることで、世界の変革を促すイノベーションの創出を狙いとする組織です。
Thursday Gatheringは毎週木曜日16時-21時に開催されるVenture Café Tokyoのフラッグシップ・イベントです。教育セッションや安全で快適なネットワーキング空間の提供を通じて、多様な人々が集う場を提供し、上記のミッション達成を図ります。

Venture Café Tokyo is an organization with the mission of "Connecting innovators to make things happen". Thursday Gathering is the flagship event of Venture Café Tokyo. Through providing educational sessions and safe & comfortable networking environment at Thursday Gathering, we aim to achieve our mission.

September 02
7:00pm - 9:00pm
CIC Tokyo
1-17-1 虎ノ門 | Toranomon
港区 | Minato-ku, 東京 | Tokyo 日本 | Japan