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The Sourdough Experience - Level I
By Red Hen Artisanale

Come spend the day with like-minded bakers learning about all things sourdough through a hands-on baking experience. We will be building loaves of sourdough bread and creating your own seasonal pie with a sourdough pie crust -- utilizing all of the different characteristics that a healthy sourdough starter has to offer.

Through detailed guidance, you will mix and shape sourdough loaves of your own, and get to smell + taste some right out of the oven. We will discuss wild yeast, the benefit of fermenting flour, and how you can use and maintain your take-home starter. You will learn the basics of sourdough and tips for success including modifying your dough ingredients, temperature, and scoring and baking techniques. Part way through our workshop, we will break for a leisurely hand-crafted lunch, taste testing fresh sourdough and a variety of other seasonal accompaniments.

Whether you are a weekend warrior of a baker, or have never baked sourdough before, you will leave with new-found knowledge and confidence to continue your sourdough baking adventures at home. You will also acquire a lifeline to Lauren for future sourdough queries that arise in your baking journey.

At the end of our workshop, each baker will go home with:

:: A detailed recipe booklet

:: Sourdough starter and instructions to keep it alive + well for generations to come

:: 2 loaves of sourdough and a seasonal pie to bake at home in your own oven (that night for the pie, and the following day for the bread)..making your house smell homey and warm.

This workshop takes place in a private baking studio, Red Hen Artisanale. It is located across from the beautifully copper clad St. John's Catholic Church in Glenelg Centre along the Saugeen River. More details of locating the studio will be sent upon registration. As we'll be gathering the week of many Christmas celebrations, the products you produce can most easily be popped in the freezer and brought out for holiday entertaining later in the week!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit