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Orchard Tour

About this event


Tours every Saturday until the end of October.

The tour will have distinct stops, all within the crabapple orchard.


A brief history of crabapples as well as how Glen and Alex started growing their orchard.


Enter the orchard and learn about what a rootstock is, how the different rootstocks being tested and how a rootstock affects the growth and maturation of a fruit tree.


Learn about the symbiotic relationship between other local growers and crabapples. Special focus is placed on how the orchard is maintained without the use of pesticides or herbicides.


Next up is learning about pruning fruit trees. What works, what we are testing and why anybody does it. In this section, we will also be including demonstrations of different pests, bacterial or viral infections that can damage fruit trees.


Finally take a look at the espalier style of growing, the only one in the world dedicated to crabapple trees.


This concludes the tour, guests will be provided with an assortment of local snacks, as well as a complimentary crabapple product to take home.

Saturday, August 13 - Saturday, September 03
Appleflats Orchard
3527 Carmel-Koch Road
Wellesley, Ontario Canada