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Screwball Comedy by Norm Foster
By Globus Theatre at the Lakeview Arts Barn

A great new Canadian comedy from audience favourite Norm Foster. 

The year is 1938 and newly laid-off perfumier Mary Hayes is trying to break into the male dominated world of newspaper journalism. Editor-in-Chief Bosco Godfrey sets a competition between his egotistical star reporter Jeff Kincaid and plucky Mary, assigning them to cover a society wedding. If Jeff writes the better story, he gets to keep his job. If Mary wins, she will replace the ace newshound.  

A homage to those zany screwball comedies of that time period, this play is full of snappy period dialogue, outrageous characters and humour that packs a punch!

Theatre tickets $42.50, Dinner and Theatre $85

August 17
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Globus Theatre
2300 Pigeon Lake Road
Bobcaygeon, ON Canada