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The Great 44th Fowler's Falls Fall Fair Disaster by Sarah Quick
By Globus Theatre at the Lakeview Arts Barn

The fall fair is an annual highlight for the residents of tiny Fowler’s Falls and it is abound with traditions. But an influx of new residents in town threatens to throw things into disarray. 

The talent show is thrust into turmoil, the Harvest Queen pageant is a fashion disaster, the homecraft committee suspect sabotage and the rooster crowing competition crown holder looks to be the victim of fowl play. 

Stakes are high, the competition is fierce and it looks like someone would kill to be the winner.  

Will this 44th anniversary event be the town’s downfall or will fairness prevail?

Be sure to check out the Downtown Detective Trail in Bobcaygeon to add to the fun!

Tickets $85 include dinner