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Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Certification
By TaUB Solutions LLC

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

Program Overview 

If you work for an organization, you undoubtedly want it to thrive. You want to be able to perform your job well, and you want others to be able to do the same. If you feel this way you understand that organizations thrive when their people thrive. All of this would be impossible without effective relationships.


Meaningful relationships provide unlimited organizational vitality that rapidly increases performance and growth. An organization can access this energy by cultivating a culture of

positive work relationships that encourage creativity, in turn leading to continuous

innovation. Organizations that value building relationships over generating profit are

referred to as relationship-centered organizations. 


People no longer need to compromise personal purpose to earn a living. They can now find organizations with a shared, deeper, and more meaningful perception of value, that can be better, faster, more fun, and more fulfilling to work with. 

 Here are some reasons why these great relationships are so important:

• Organizations need purpose.

• The idea of value is evolving.

• Global digitalization requires agility.

• The boardroom imperative is shifting.

• Organizations are moving from alignment to convergence.

 Training Objective

This course provides a thorough overview of essential business relationship management (BRM) concepts, and upon completion of the BRMP® course, you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of:

  • What BRM is and the value it provides to an organization. ​

  • Why an organization should move beyond profit and products to encompass people, purpose, and planet​

  • Why BRM should be completely integrated into every element of your organization. ​

  • ​The contribution of the BRM role to your organization’s purpose

  • The basic knowledge, skills, and mindsets of the BRM role. ​

  • The core BRM approaches, tools, and templates used to achieve results. ​

  • How a BRM team can advance the BRM capability to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose within your organization.

Target Audience

  • Business relationship managers and/or business partners in any industry or function.

  • Leaders who need to understand more about how to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and/or satisfy purpose in organizations.

  • Leaders who are ready to step into a BRM role or advance their BRM capability.

  • Anyone who recognizes the importance of relationships and measuring value in their organization.

Agenda and Outline

BRM Introduction – The Bigger Picture

  • Why BRM? Why Now?

  • Relationship-Centered Organization

  • Theory of Relationshipism

  • Triple Bottom Line

  • BRM Defined

  • Capability

  • Discipline

  • Role

  • Activity Domains

  • BRM Challenges

  • Tools included: BRM Role Competency Model


BRM Capability

  • BRM Capability Framework

  • Organizational Purpose and Strategy

  • Organizational Factors

  • Core Values

  • Now-to-New

  • Evolve Culture

  • Build Partnerships

  • Drive Value

  • Satisfy Purpose

  • Limitless Growth and Improvement

  • Tools included: BRM Capability workbook, BRM Capability Impact Report workbook, Strategic Relationship Plan 

 BRM Capability: Evolve Culture

  • Evolve Culture Framework

  • Purposeful Narrative

  • Desired Behaviors/Shared Ownership, Leadership-as-Practice

  • Influential Relationships

  • Personal Growth/Growth Mindset

  • Tools included: Storytelling, Language Matters, Relationship Network Directory


BRM Capability: Build Partnerships

  • Build Partnerships Framework

  • BRM Role Competency Model

  • Relationship Maturity and Quality

  • Partnering Mindsets

  • Relationship Discovery

  • Relationship Nurturing

  • Tools included: Relationship Maturity Model (RMM), Relationship Strategy on a Page (RSOAP)


BRM Capability: Drive Value

  • What is Value?

  • Types of Value

  • Sources of Value

  • Drive Value Framework

  • BRM Role Competency Model

  • Value Discovery

  • Value Realization

  • Value Results

  • Tools included: Idea Document, Value Plan, Value Optimization Report

BRM Capability: Satisfy Purpose

  • Satisfy Purpose Framework

  • BRM Role Competency Model

  • Through the BRM Capability

  • Through the Triple Bottom Line

  • Social Value 


 BRM Role


  • Our Purpose and What We Believe

  • Role Clarity

  • Single Point of Focus

  • BRM Code of Ethics

  • BRM Role Competency Model

  • BRM Mindset

  • Scope of BRM Role

  • BRM Role with Organizational Factors


 BRM Team


  • Our Purpose and What We Believe

  • BRM Team Definition

  • BRM Team Purpose, Mission, and Vision

  • Assessing the Value of a BRM Team

  • Organizing a BRM Team

  • Leading a BRM Team

  • Transition Management

  • Coaching BRMs


BRM Key Learnings

  • A review of the key concepts from each of the preceding modules.

Course Wrap-Up


  • What to do in the next 30/60/90/365 days

  • Digital badge

  • After passing the exam

  • Recap Learning Objectives

  • Review Learning Objectives

  • Review Expectations

  • Course Feedback

BRMP Exam: Multiple Choice 50 minutes


1. All 50 questions should be attempted.

2. All answers are to be marked on the answer grid provided.

3. Please use a pencil and NOT ink to mark your answers in the Answer sheet provided.

4. There is only one correct answer per question.

5. You have 50 minutes for this paper.

6. You must get 33 or more correct to pass.


Upon completion of this class, you will:

  • Feel confident knowing you are using proven industry best practices to build effective relationships and drive value.

  • Be able to articulate the value and impact of BRM within your organization.

  • Have the necessary information to begin growing the BRM capability in your organization.

  • Feel more confident in your role as a business relationship manager.

  • Have the information you need to prepare to take the BRMP certification exam.


BRMP Testimonials from


Alef G Valdes, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA


Travis Karlin, Hennepin County- Business Relationship Manager

Ken Stroud, PMP, BRMP - CEO at PROSODEL (Professional Solutions Delivered, LLC), Virginia, Unites States

 Completed my Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) certification! Thanks to Suresh GP at TaUB Solutions for providing a great course! Highly engaging, motivated, and knowledgeable in the application of the material in many domains! This is a great course to learn how BRM can bring value to your organization and how your Team members can contribute to the overall goal of the organization. STOP value leakage today! Schedule your training with Suresh GP at TaUB Solutions!



“The BRMP training is useful for those who are dealing with the business on a daily basis. It was

not a training but more of a workshop that helped us to understand

how to think from the business point of view

how to prioritize their needs

how we can be proactive rather than reactive

how to ask the right questions

how communication is the key”

- Ramesh Swaminathan


“In the current disruptive world where we are facing several financial, operational constraints –

future visibility has been always a challenge. Here I could deploy advisory/consultative approach

and partnered with business to prioritize the best automation candidates and maximized the

value. This endeavour of strategic partnership has been enriching and rewarding”

-Anjali Patwardhan


Wolters Kluwer


ICON Clinical Research


Awards and Recognition

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