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After BRMConnect 2022 Webinar Series: Improving Partner Networks
By BRM Institute
Learn how a managed services company introduces BRM capabilities across the organization, starting at the top with the executives and then spreads it out to the organization through recommendations.

The focus of part one of this program is on bringing great listening, influencing, and negotiations skills to the organization as a whole. Take away here is a model for building rapport with people consciously.
Part two is an understanding of behaviors, self, and others. Takeaways here are how to use the old and often misunderstood Myers Briggs Type Indicator to improve interaction and the Expectancy Theory to understand others’ sometimes undesired behaviors.

The third and final part is the Continuous Improvement mentality that nurtures an Innovation culture. Takeaway here is what NOT to do, examples of failed schemes that become unduly burdensome for the participants.

Storyteller: Guy Grindborg, Grindborg Ltd. CO.


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Earn Continued Professional Development (CPD): Attending a BRM Institute Webinar earns you 1 CPD. Webinar Host earns 4 CPDs. The CPD Plan for CBRMs is a vital part of keeping your CBRM certification up to date.