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Before BRMConnect 2022 Webinar Series: Alamo-sey on Down to BRMConnect (Attendee Guide)
By BRM Institute
Learn about the program planned for the 2022 World BRMConnect® Conference!

The 2022 BRMConnect conference is right around the corner, but do you want to know what to expect? In this webinar, BRM Institute’s director of experiences, Alan Khoutakoun, will walk you through what to expect as an attendee whether you are attending virtually or in-person. Also, get a walkthrough of the BRMConnect virtual event platform/mobile app, where you will create your own agenda, view the live and on-demand sessions, meet your sponsors and coaches, and network with fellow attendees from around the world!

If you’re not registered for the 2022 BRMConnect conference, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss all of the exciting things we have to offer at BRMConnect!

Storyteller: Alan Khoutakoun, BRM Institute


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Earn Continued Professional Development (CPD): Attending a BRM Institute Webinar earns you 1 CPD. Webinar Host earns 4 CPDs. The CPD Plan for CBRMs is a vital part of keeping your CBRM certification up to date.