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Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®)
By IT Winners

The digital era is already demonstrating how game-changing developments can rapidly and positively impact businesses and public services. Organisations of all types have never been so keen to capture the opportunities that new technologies can provide. But are we ready to help business succeed?

Right now, executives are demanding better support from their IT, HR and Finance teams. However relationships between business and these key functions, especially IT, are typically immature.

The Business Relationship Management (BRM) capability (also referred to as "Business Partnering") moves all functions to converge with business, have one set of goals, and become strategic partners with a shared responsibility to deliver business value. A key aspect is to advance a different culture - improving how we communicate, being emotionally more aware, breaking down silos, and support an agile ways of working.

The BRM Institute was incorporated in March 2013 with a mission to “Create a better world through globally recognized standards, certifications, research, professional development opportunities, volunteer and networking experiences by being the home for professionals who leverage our BRM community and BRM standards to satisfy purpose, evolve culture, build partnerships, and drive value.”

CBRM® is the Institutes 'Practitioner' course and is based on the latest game changing BRM interactive BOK. It explains how to develop an organisation
-wide BRM capability utilising an extensive range of tools and techniques. It covers the following key objectives:
• Effectively communicate the purpose and objectives of the Strategic BRM role
• Build business relationships and a culture that excels at business value results
• Build and sustain trust relationships between Business Partner and Provider
• Assess Business Demand Maturity and Business Relationship Maturity
• Assess Provider Capability Maturity and BRM Competencies
• Apply communication techniques to clearly articulate real Provider/business value
• Influence executive leaders in their use of Provider Capabilities and Assets
• Promote business innovation in the Provider’s sphere of influence
• Use Value Management to define, realize and optimize the value of Provider capabilities and assets
• Foster a positive Business Partner perception of Provider capabilities
• Shape strategic agendas for optimum business value
• Understand the implications of Lean/Agile methods for the BRM capability
• Influence the development and deployment of enabling Provider capabilities to support new business capabilities.
• Foster organizational focus on business value results of investments in new business capabilities

This course, delivered via Zoom, will run over 4 days with the exam on the 4th day. All sessions are recorded in case you need to step away for work or family commitments (so that you can catch up before the next session). If you need to take the exam at a later date, this can be arranged easily.

Our unique instructor-led learning approach uses a web-based interactive platform that provides a blend of presentation, media and online shared discussion groups. It is integrated with the BRM Institute Campus online BRMiBOK, with hot links and reading assignments. You'll have online access and support to a private version of all the course materials including discussion groups before, during and for 3 months after the conclusion of the class.

Our trainers are experts with real-world experience, who are passionate about the value this critical capability can bring to your organisation. In addition to preparing you for the exam, our trainers will share their knowledge and offer practical guidance on how to embed the BRM capability in your organisation, utilising the full suite of tools available on the Campus

Course price is based on where you are located (exams fees vary by region), so please contact us for a quote. We welcome delegates from any location, but please take note of the start and end times in your time zone