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Business Relationship Management Professional® (2016)
By IT Winners

Business Relationship Management breaks down silos and hierarchies, creating a collaborative culture where everyone shares responsibility for delivering value. Rather than simply being a service provider, the goal is to become a strategic partner.

BRMP® is BRM Institutes Foundation certificate, which introduces the key concepts and principles of BRM - setting the stage for organisation wide adoption. Our class enables those with the role or responsibility of Business Relationship Management (/Business Partnering) to become trusted partners, contributing to strategy formulation and shaping business demand. We provide them with the techniques and disciplines needed to guide plans through to desired outcomes, including Value Management and Business Transition Management.

Crucially, we help them communicate the benefits of change in way that everyone in the business can understand.

Our trainers, some of whom are ex-CIOs of large Corporates, have seen first-hand the positive changes driven by successful BRMs. In our class, they’ll share their experiences and encourage group discussion to ensure participants not only pass the mandatory examination, but take-away the know-how to effectively apply the training as soon as they get back to work.

Our course includes;
* Accredited BRMP® Training by one of our expert trainers
* Access to our unique hybrid online learning platform, which includes our course material, online discussion groups and direct links to BRM body of knowledge – plus continued support following the class
* 3 month introductory Professional Membership to BRM Institute, and all associated benefits benefits
* Official online exam and certification, provided by APMG
* Ongoing support following the class, including help and guidance on embedding the BRM capability in your organisation (incl. articulating your value and securing executive support)

Price varies by country (based on regional exam cost) so please contact us for a quote.

Discounts offered for groups.