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Intimacy in Community: Connection Games & Potluck

We'll play intimacy-building games and share deep conversation in supportive *New Culture community. You'll have the chance to make meaningful new friendships, reconnect with existing friends, and just Be Yourself in a space that supports radical authenticity, compassion, non-violence, and high-level FUN!

Afterwards, we'll have a vegetarian potluck, music jams, cuddles-if-you-want-them, and unstructured hangout time (clothing optional). Please bring a main dish for the potluck.

WHEN: Sunday, August 25th from 2:30-8:00 PM
WHERE: Dwell DC, Washington, DC-- In the the alley behind the 1200 block of Florida Ave NE, between Montello and Trinidad (See Map at or in the comments below)
COST: $5-15 suggested donation-- No one turned away for lack of funds!

We work to create a non-violent, welcoming space for all humans, including POC, queer, trans, polyamorous, disabled, or neurodiverse folx of all ages and backgrounds.

*New Culture comes out of examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love, freedom, and abundance rather than fear, violence, and scarcity. There’s more information about New Culture ( at the bottom of this announcement.

• Important to Know
- Your financial contribution will go to the facilitator and the venue, to help make these events sustainable. Everyone is welcome at this event regardless of their ability to pay!

[What to Bring]
- A water-bottle
- A vegetarian main dish to share
- Your favorite musical instruments

A number of people in our community are sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals, so please don't wear perfume, cologne, or other scented products, including “natural” scents. There will be no pets, so people with allergies have no need to worry!

If you use a mobility device or have other accessibility needs and would like to attend, we're interested in discussing how to make that possible; please contact us.

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Contact Indigo Dawn via Facebook message, OR via Email at

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"New Culture" is about creating sustainable, rich, intimate personal relationships, along with a sustainable world to enjoy them in, based on transparency, delight, freedom, and community. In order to create a New Culture in our lives and in the larger society, we put on events that help us develop the skills we need to make that real, including communication, self-knowledge, presence, conflict resolution, and effective activism. These events can be an evening or weekend, and some last 10 days or more, so that we can "live" New Culture and turn new skills into daily practices. You can see descriptions of many of the 4 day and longer events on the Web: Summer Camp East (Mid-Atlantic, July 12-21,; Cascadia Camp (Washington State, June/July), Summer Camp West (Oregon, August,; Winter Camp Hawaii (January), and more at

Along with building community skills, the New Culture community asks questions about what a healthy, violence-free culture might look like – for example, how do we raise children? How do we care for elders? What might intimate relationships look like? What’s an ethical and sustainable way to grow our food? We have lots of questions and not too many answers. The fun part is looking at these issues together and trying out possible solutions while we practice being non-attached, curious, and transparent and also being playful, creative, and connected. We have no gurus and no dogma – a diversity of opinions is welcomed and appreciated.

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Date and Time
Sunday, August 25, 2019
2:30PM (EST5EDT - Eastern Time)

$5-15 suggested donation