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Music: Kamyar Arsani / Pen Palindrome / Miss Understand Me / Panini Girlfriend

This party needs you to be there at 7:30
Bring a friend or the whole neighborhood,

Panini Girlfriend:
Natasha Janfaza solo project
Punk stuff covered in marshmallow fluff

Miss, Understand Me:
is the DC-based project of guitarist Zarine Kharazian. the music's a marriage of jazz syntax & a punk ethos. the band features a rotating lineup live and released its debut EP, Aristocrat, in June 2018.

Pen Palindrome:
Pen Palindrome is the solo project of Virginia-native, Ava Mirzadegan. Her songs function as a sort of roadmap for finding joy while experiencing grief and anxiety. She creates folk-tinged indie rock that is earnest and a little melancholic. But if you asked her, she’d call it “ambient rock that you can take home to meet your family.”

Kamyar Arsani:
Ukulele lullaby’s and Daf punk

Date and Time
Thursday, August 15, 2019
8:00PM (EST5EDT - Eastern Time)

$10 at door