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RE - 1st - 4th Grade NEW Student Orientation
We invite all new students in 1st - 4th grades to meet with Reed’s Counselors, Mrs. Amy Balsavias and Ms. Jasmine Peterson, to learn more about Reed and meet new friends. This is a drop off event for new students in 1st - 4th grades starting at 1:00 pm and ending at 2:00 pm. Parents of the new students may meet their children in the cafeteria at 2:00 pm after the orientation.

*By design, our kindergarten teachers will slowly acclimate our kindergarten students to Reed during the first two weeks of school. They will teach them the building procedures and routines, familiarize them with the building and locations of classrooms, and have them engage in numerous team and friendship building activities. Because of this, our kindergarten students will not attend the New Student Orientation. Our main focus before the first day of school is for our kindergarten students to familiarize themselves with entering the building and finding their classrooms. Therefore, we have an extended Meet the Teacher Time for our Kindergarten Students (see below). Having said that, we will not expect students to find their classrooms on their own the first day of school. We will have plenty of adults on hand to assist our students to their classrooms.
August 18
1:00pm - 2:00pm