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VIRTUAL EVENT: Doug Burgess and Mark de Castrique

Doug Burgess discusses

A Legacy of Bones

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Mark de Castrique discusses Secret Lives

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Doug Burgess. A Legacy of Bones (Sourcebooks, $16.99).

Some legacies are best abandoned...


A well-placed stick of TNT ignites a full-blown investigation in A Legacy of Bones, a provocative murder mystery exploring the racial and cultural divide on a remote Hawaiian island between landed elite and villagers.


On Kaumaha Island (est 1850), the statue of Amyas Lathrop conceals a terrible secret—a legacy of massacres and madness that infects the island itself. Some will go to any lengths to keep it hidden, others to set it free. But which of them would kill?


Cultural expert Winnie Te Papa, our very own Ms. Marple, will sift through the pieces to track a ruthless murderer through a tangled maze of family alliances, greedy developers, scholars, protestors, and gangsters.


Told in dual timeline, Doug Burgess's intricate puzzle box mystery traces the consequences of an island's frenetic beginnings as they snowball through generations. Fans of HBO's White Lotus will be intrigued by the ever hotly debated questions: what happens next and who get to decide?


Mark de Castrique. Secret Lives (Sourcebooks/Poisoned Pen Press, $16.99).

"This light and lively series launch introduces 75-year-old Ethel Fiona elderly Nancy Drew: sure of herself and her convictions, and ready to bend a few rules to achieve her goal of seeing justice done." —Publishers Weekly


For fans of unexpected-yet-badass female sleuths, meet former FBI agent-turned-boardinghouse landlady Ethel Fiona Crestwater. Her age affords her precious invisibility. She can outthink and outshoot most men—and women—half her age.


When someone murders one of her boarders, Ethel springs into action—much to the surprise of her double-first-cousin-twice-removed, Jesse, who has recently come to stay with her while he attends university. As he watches her photograph the crime scene, conceal evidence, and speed-dial the Secret Service Director, Jesse realizes that there's much more to Ethel than appearances suggest.


When Jesse is assaulted and the gym bag full of cash Ethel had hidden is stolen from the basement, the pair decides it's time to launch their own unofficial investigation. With no one to trust but each other, this unlikely duo learns that the only thing truly worth risking your life for is family.




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February 08
5:00pm - 6:00pm
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