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Shelby Parks discusses Embedded


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Shelby Parks. Embedded ($13.99)

Embedded is a climate fiction novel written to empower society out of learned helplessness and instill hope and action in humanity. While Embedded is a work of fiction, the solutions presented in the novel exist today and are ready to be implemented globally if humanity is to course correct.


The year is 2038 and humanity has been forced underground by The Council in their attempt to save the world from climate collapse and keep humans from self-destruction.


The Council has stripped humanity of all freedoms, controlling every aspect of their lives at every waking minute. Their goal: to eliminate the weakest individuals and make humankind the highest functioning organism to rectify the near-fatal climate situation.


Told through the eyes of Khai, an adolescent training for High Security—the most elite life pathway and only chance to see the outside world again—we experience the stark juxtaposition of life in the underground world to life before.


Khai has given up on life until Azalea appears. What she shares and the mission they embark on will change the course of their lives, and the future of the human race, forever. 

Shelby Parks harmonizes people’s relationship with themselves and the natural world through storytelling. In 2020 she obtained her MA in Psychology and Education from Columbia University where she focused on the psychology of climate change and the psychology of storytelling. She has spent the last decade as a global storyteller for startups and corporations, helping businesses connect with their audiences on a human level. She is the founder of O.Y.A., Own Your Autobiography, working with clients on narrative identity, a person’s internalized and evolving life story. She believes that the relationship with the self is reflected in how we treat others and the world around us.



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November 29
5:00pm - 6:00pm
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