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Tommy Swerdlow discusses Straight Dope

Tommy Swerdlow discusses Straight Dope

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Tommy Swerdlow. Straight Dope (Stark House, $15.95 unsigned copies).

Bobby Zorn, a once successful screenwriter and recovering addict, gets a call from an ex-girlfriend. But she doesn’t want to get back together, she wants him to find Kyle Strange, an old running partner of Bobby’s. Kyle was with the ex's sister when she overdosed at a seedy L.A. motel. The ex claims she's trying to recover a family heirloom that was in her sister's bag, but what she’s really after is something far more valuable. Can Bobby find Kyle before the pull of his old life takes him down, and what about his big pitch, a last gasp chance to get back the screenwriting career that drugs took away?


Sharp, fast-paced, and deftly observant, STRAIGHT DOPE is 21st century noir straddling two L.A. worlds: The panic and desperation of addiction, and the even more desperate ambitions of Hollywood!

August 25
6:00pm - 7:00pm
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