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Speak Out you Swine!

Speak Out you Swine!” Tracing the Pamphlet Revolution Debating Faith, Reason, and Dissent at Miami University, 1969-1970

Dr. Nathan S. French is an Associate Professor in the Department of Comparative Religion and Isabelle G. Sistino,  third-year double major in Comparative Religion and Diplomacy & Global Politics at Miami University.

Join us in person (King 320) or online at 

On April 15, 1970, several hundred students occupied Rowan Hall, which housed Miami University’s U.S. Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), in protest of the war in Vietnam. Narratives of Miami’s history suggest that this was a moment of crescendo in which Miami communities found their campus politics drawn into broader, national narratives of war and racial injustice. In “Speak Up” we revisit the debates waged between the “Gentle Revolution,” a group of concerned Miami faculty and students in conversation with the ideas of the New Left and New University Conference, and the “Voices of Reason,” a group of faculty and students in opposition to what they considered their “revolutionary” colleagues and students. Using Miami University’s Special Collections Archive and Digital Collections curated by King Library, we examine these debates as they manifested in underground student newsletters such as the “Mandala,” a left-leaning publication featuring original content and syndicated materials from the “Liberation News Service,” and the “Mother Apostle Revue,” a provocative student-led publication that generated considerable controversy at Miami’s United Campus Ministry. We uncover and explore the work of students and faculty alike that localized national conversations on civil rights, war, and dissent within Miami’s debates on faith, reason, and civil disobedience.

 Wednesday, October 20 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

 King Library, 320
151 S. Campus Ave., Oxford, OH 45056

October 20
12:00pm - 1:00pm
King Library 320, Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056, USA
Oxford, Ohio United States