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Just Track It - HPDE - 2
By Just Track It


  • Event cost is $279.99 per driver
  • Novice-Instructed must add the mandatory $75 instructor fee
  • On track sessions 9:00AM – 5:00PM with an hour break for lunch
  • All passing by point by
  • Please see for rules regarding convertibles.
  • SA2015 or newer helmets required
  • Open to licensed drivers ages 16 and older (Under 18 requires accompanying parent)
  • Passengers are allowed for solo drivers only (16 or older)
  • All vehicles will require a completed tech form to participate (see link above)
  • Event is held rain or shine
  • Share your spot with a co-driver for only an additional $75 (alternate drivers in the same group sharing car)
Run group format


Novice will include both instructed drivers and solo drivers as follows

Novice-instructed for drivers with 0-4 prior weekends +/-

Novice-Solo 4-6 prior weekends +/-


Intermediate 1 for drivers with 6-12 prior weekends +/-


Intermediate 2 for those drivers with 13-15 prior weekends +/- working on becoming advanced drivers. In this group we will feature passing anywhere with a point by.


Advanced is for highly experienced drivers with 25+ prior weekends. In this group drivers must be able to maintain speed through the corners and never hold up a faster driver regardless of where on the track.

September 23 - September 24
8:00am - 5:00pm