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Junior Discovery Experience

JuniorDiscovery Experience


This program is designed for younger kids interested in learning more about karting. This could be a child that wants to race karts or just enjoy the sport with other siblings or parents driving karts with them as a family. The target age range for this program is 5 to 12 year old children. We have designed the program to be very quick moving, and fun so that we can keep the kids entertained and not lose their interest. We pack hours of training in a short window so be ready, it's quick by design, it’s fun and the kids will have a blast. The program lasts approximately 2.5 hours, and we end it with the kids being able to swim at our resort style pool, that has a water slide, hot tub, chairs in water, putting green, sand box, pedal cars, faux large building blocks, a dry slide, and waterfall. A few beers and wine while the kids (And parents) wind down after a great program @ the AMP Kart Country Club. This inexpensive stepping stone will help the parents get a barometer on the child’s interest level in the sport of kart racing. If/when that happens, the kids can take a half/full day kart racing school, private one on one instruction, or jump in and purchase a kart. We sell, maintain, store karts on site so you would never have to do anything for you or your family, just watch or drive with them! 

In this program, you child will be introduced to basic safety knowledge, kart overview, intro to driving around a cone course, then lead follow on the race track.






April 10
4:00pm - 6:30pm