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Creating the Intimate Connection - Introduction to Basic Emotional Intimacy

The 4-part “Creating the Intimate Connection” series will guide those who are trail-blazing the new frontier that the institution of marriage is going through today. You will receive practical, straightforward concepts and tools for breaking with the old and creating a new and real intimacy that is vital and alive. Through these classes participants will see that having a long-lasting, intimate marital relationship is not just a romantic fantasy.

Class One: Introduction to Basic Emotional Intimacy
The basic concepts, beliefs, and attitudes that build the psychological foundation for the development of emotional intimacy will be presented. The psychological approach will be from the cognitive/behavioral point of view. Topics include: • What makes the cognitive/behavioral approach different and effective in bringing about positive change in a relationship? • Understanding the three types of intimacy and their formation. • Three requirements are essential to creating psychological and behavioral changes necessary for intimacy in a marital relationship.

Also covered are the three major concepts in the formation of emotional and sexual intimacy.

  1. Emotions are the Life Force of an Intimate Relationship
  2. Courage to be Vulnerable
  3. Perception Validity and Accepting Differences

Class One finishes with discussion topics that include, 1) Why do these bonds of connection break down? 2) After it has been shut down, can the intimate connection be revived?


October 17
1:00pm - 3:00pm
LMC Brentwood Center Room 309
1351 Pioneer Square, Brentwood, CA 94513, Brentwood, California, 94513, United States