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Acting workshop with Brenda Kamino

Professional acting workshop with Brenda Kamino.

This workshop explores an approach to the craft of acting. Beginning with exercises for the imagination and the powers of observation, the workshop will entail the establishment of vocabulary, script analysis, character work, improvisation, monologue and scene study.

Each day/evening session will include group work, exercising the actors’ tools to increase communication, imagination and listening skills as well as finding and expressing truth.

Most sessions will include work on scripts, either monologues or break-out sessions for partner scene work. Focus will be on process, and although scenes will be presented on the final morning, they will be as works in progress as opposed to finished performances. Students will hone their ability to discern a believable performance and identify what contributes to it.

Students will be assigned reading material before the workshop and will choose and learn monologues before arriving. There will be assignments during the timeframe to be done outside of the workshop. On the Saturday evening after class, students will be expected to work in their assigned pairs on scenes to be presented the next day.

Time permitting, a short Laban workshop will be conducted to introduce participants to this specific physical approach to acting.

It is expected that a firm foundation will be established for the participants to create their own approach to their craft and build on existing skills.

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Thursday, 26 January - Sunday, 29 January
Hilton Garden Inn Sudbury
Hilton Garden Inn Sudbury, 475 Barry Downe Road, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Greater Sudbury, Ontario Canada