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The Vicious Cycle of White Supremacy
By The Racial Justice Collaborative

An open forum to explore white supremacy. Hear, discuss, sense, and feel how it affects us wherever we live in the world.

About this event

The Vicious Cycle of White Supremacy

with Errol Amerasekera and Lane Arye

Co-hosted by the Racial Justice Collaborative and Bluestone Edge

White supremacy is the conscious or unconscious assumption that white people and whiteness are superior, as well as the behaviors and systems that stem from that assumption. Embedded throughout society, and normalized in our attitudes, policies, systems, and practices, white supremacy is designed to advantage white people and disadvantage Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

In this workshop, we will examine four key functions of white supremacy and the way these functions create a vicious cycle that perpetuates racial inequity. After examining it in theory, Errol and Lane will facilitate an open forum so participants can express, hear, understand, and feel how this vicious cycle impacts everyone's lives.

Many thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council especially, the Newton Cultural Council for their support in making this thought-provoking work possible.