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Art Demo: Cut It Out!
By Newton Art Association
Collage artist Betsy Silverman works in a style she calls Fragmented Realism. Her primary materials are discarded magazines. She selects, cuts, and glues old images and text to create multidimensional portraits, still lifes, cityscapes, and representations of New England – especially the Boston area. She delights in the challenge of fashioning a new image while preserving bits of the former representations including their individual memories and histories. Betsy chooses each recycled paper remnant for its hue, value, saturation, image content, and textual relationship to the subjects of her work. 


A graduate of Cornell University, Betsy holds a master of architecture degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work reflects an architectural sensibility employing perspective, light and shadow, reflections, and scale. Learn more on Silverman’s website or on Instagram @betsysilvermancollage.  Free demo.  

April 14
7:00pm - 9:00pm
This is an online event at Online Go to event website