Sun, April 21
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Friday, May 24
Learning with LOUIS: Examining Library Outreach & Resource Barriers
24 May @ 10:00AM
Register now!  John Bourgeois (LSUHSC New Orleans) In Fall 2017, when an LSUHSC-NO School of Public Health affiliate registered with the library for an account, researchers contacted the individu…
Tuesday, June 4
Learning with LOUIS: MobileCirc - From Circulation to Weeding
4 Jun @ 2:00PM
Did you know that MobileCirc and BLUEcloud MobileCirc are one and the same?  Join us to learn all about MobileCirc / BLUEcloud MobileCirc and the rich functionality it provides. This session…
Monday, October 14
LOUIS Users Conference - PreConference
14 Oct @ 12:00PM