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Introduction to Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resources
By Professional Development Alliance


While libraries and archives hold materials about or by trans or gender diverse people, the lack of familiarity with these communities can lead to inaccurate, inadequate, and even harmful classification and description. Consequently, a group of trans and gender diverse information professionals formed the Trans Metadata Collective, and convened over the course of a year to create the Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resources.This presentation uses that best practices document as a framework to provide some background and context for issues affecting the arrangement and description of materials related to trans and gender non-conforming individuals and communities, and covers guidelines and principles that can be used for creating, assessing, or improving metadata for these materials.

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to:

* Identify the ways that issues facing trans and gender diverse communities affect the metadata and description for materials relating to these communities in libraries and archives
* Explore what implementation of descriptive best practices for trans and gender diverse resources may look like in different contexts
* Develop strategies to assess trans and gender diverse resources in a collection for problematic or outdated metadata and remediation plans