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My (unauthorized) Hallmark Movie Musical
By Palmer Productions

My (unauthorized) Hallmark Movie Musical

Book/Lyrics by Eloise Coopersmith, Music by Roxanna Ward


Hallmark meets Broadway: a match made in heaven! Technical wizardry abounds in an innovative combination of live theatre and cinema. A Writer, with the help of cliché Rom-Com characters, realizes a lifelong dream. Enjoy utterly delightful ditties in this frivolous, fractured and fun musical where love always wins!

A single, exhausted essential worker in the peak of pandemic woes finds refuge binge-watching cheesy romantic Hallmark movies. Attempting to write her own story, we get a front-row seat to Eloise’s imagination as the characters in her struggling script come to life, interacting with Eloise through multimedia. With song, dance and comedic quips, the characters help Eloise to revitalize a dream long held but never realized.


                  'A lovely little show is showing us just how grand some dreams can be!

 This innovative feel-good musical directed by Broadway veteran Anne Runolfsson features the live performance of one actor (Eloise Coopersmith) magically interacting with multimedia video performances by eight dynamic musical performers (Nina Herzog, Benny PerezAndrew Joseph PerezJim BlanchetteTess AdamsMonika PenaMaggie HowellSamantha Labrecque). The actors converse, sing, and dance with Eloise through the magic of multimedia, directed by Crissy Guerrero. The movie and live-performance hybrid allows audiences members to escape with Eloise into the magic of a romance movie fantasy.

  'The onscreen cast pops off the screen & monitors with grand razzle-dazzle’

"If we give one star to Nina Herzog for her picture-perfect portrayal of the on-screen female lead, Emma, and her uplifting Disney Princess singing voice, we have to give the other two stars to Coopersmith herself. From the first minute of the show, her joyful enthusiasm carries the audience along on a journey of romance and creative self-exploration. Her performance is so earnest and genuine that it’s hard to witness the emotional struggles along the way without wanting to give her a hug."

Come be a "Love Warrior" with us!


 Eloise Coopersmith is an artist with a social conscience and a fierce advocate for giving voice to art inspired by thought-provoking ideas. Her recent award-winning musical web series and 2021 Emmy FYC candidate, Home for Mom explored the ideas of eldercare and dementia. As part of Breath of Fire Writers Collation in Santa Ana she participated in the COVID Monologues, now a book, remembering those dear to us lost in this pandemic. Her company, Open Book Theater, produced the award-winning Bukowski, An Evening of Poems and Prose. Eloise is a member of AEA, SAG-Aftra, and the Dramatist Guild of America.

Eloise Coopersmith  
My (unauthorized) Hallmark Movie Musical   
Love Always Wins
Monday, November 21
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