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Streamline your Systematic Review with Covidence
By Lane Medical Library

Covidence is a web-based software that streamlines the production of systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-analyses, and other comprehensive literature reviews across many disciplines. It supports citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, data extraction, and export of data and references. In this workshop, you'll learn how you and your team can use Covidence to streamline the review process to save time and improve the quality of evidence synthesis, including

  • Registering a free account through Lane Library
  • Creating a review and adding co-reviewers
  • Using duplication detection, citation screening, full-text review, and data extraction
  • Importing and exporting data and references
  • Recognizing how Covidence improves collaboration and evidence synthesis

For more information, please visit:

October 21
12:00pm - 1:30pm