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The Pandemic Puzzle: Lessons from COVID-19
By Stanford MedicineStanford Graduate School of Business

A Free Virtual Symposium Series

Stanford Medicine and Stanford Graduate School of Business have partnered to launch an ambitious new conference series, The Pandemic Puzzle: Lessons from COVID-19. The four-part virtual event will examine the domestic and international pandemic response so far, and discuss lessons that can be applied immediately and well into the future.

The series will convene experts and leaders from business, government, biomedicine, and public health who have been at the helm of the COVID-19 response. Together, we will explore what has worked, what hasn’t, and opportunities to strengthen our resilience and preparedness for current and future threats.

Each half-day session will focus on a unique theme:

  • Session #1 on Friday, Sept. 17: Responding to a Global Pandemic
  • Session #2 on Wednesday, Oct. 13: Building Towards Health Equity and an Inclusive Recovery
  • Session #3 on Thursday, Oct. 28: Tracking and Mitigating a 21st Century Pandemic
  • Session #4 on Friday, Nov. 19: Agile Discovery and Innovation: Advancing Tomorrow’s Vaccines, Treatments, and Cures

We invite you to register here and hope you join us for these essential discussions.