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Dojo District to Host The Floating Koto Film Screener

Blinded at birth, a gifted musician treks their way to Edo to make an honest living by playing their magic koto. In order to make money, the musician must hide their identity from detractors. Two young shogunate officials intercede and offer an audience with the tyrannical shogun of Japan.


"The Floating Koto" film screener will be held at Premier Studios near downtown Phoenix. Doors open at 600 PM. A short panel/Q&A will be conducted with the director and executive producers from the film. All ages are welcomed!!


Dojo District strongly recommends our attendees to use Uber/Lyft, as parking is limited. 


VIP Tickets will include a free Dojo District T-shirt, sticker, and a downloadable copy of our manga "Atomic Valor".


August 20
6:00pm (MST)
Premier Studios
1142 West Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona United States