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Bounce Back & Thrive!ᴼᴹ (BBT) (10-week virtual program)
Par EarlyON Minnow Lake

Tuesdays, 1:00pm to 3:00pm September 27 to November 29.  Bounce Back & Thrive!ᴼᴹ (BBT) is a resiliency skills training program designed to meet the needs of parents (and those in a parenting role) of children under the age of 8. BBT helps parents gain self-regulation and thinking skills that increase their capacity to provide caring relationships and role model resilience-building skills in daily interactions with their children. Then, it shows parents how to directly introduce basic resiliency skills to children, and that helps children bounce back and thrive. BBT uses a relationship-based, cognitive-behavioral, and social problem-solving approach combined with self-regulation strategies

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